If you watched the Phils Wednesday night, you saw Nick Castellanos got some bad jumps on the ball and misplayed some off the wall. Rob Thomson in his postgame interview said he was still getting used to the new out-of-town scoreboard:

Feel like Topper wants this one back. The last thing Phillies want to hear is that Castellanos is having trouble with the scoreboard. Especially the way last year ended and the way he’s started at the plate so far this year.

Is the scoreboard too bright? Is the constant shuffling of ads throwing off his depth perception? Who knows. It’s the same distance as it was last year. He played this ball ugly in the 6th:

But Rob should’ve kept this under wraps. Phillies fans don’t care about a guy making millions of dollars having trouble with the scoreboard. The scoreboard can’t be blamed for his struggles at the plate or his baserunning mistakes and it didn’t seem to affect the Reds or Braves in the first two series.

At least we got a great Ricky Bo face out of it: