This is making the rounds right now. Paul Reed was on FanDuel’s “Run It Back” show, where he was asked about playing the Knicks:

The FanDuel admin did him so dirty transcribing his quote I almost have to respect it. The Internet is the Wild Wild West. There’s so much content out there you have to find a way to stand out from the rest.

Here’s Reed’s entire quote:

We ain’t ducking no smoke, but yeah we wanted the Knicks matchup of course, that’s the easier team I guess. But you know it’s gonna be fun. We match up with them. They got a great guard. We’ve got a great guard. We’ve also got Joel. MVP. Like you said earlier he’s one of the most unstoppable guys in the league right now. They’re gonna have to send triple teams and he’s gonna get everyone else involved I’m sure…” 

I mean is Paul Reed wrong? If you’re the Heat or Sixers or anyone in the East of course you would rather play the Knicks over the outright favorite to win the title. This is a great PR answer from BBall Paul if we’re being honest. Say the Sixers aren’t ducking smoke and that they want the Knicks while complimenting their team’s players and yours at the same time. Simple stuff. But you know we’re about to see the most fugazi attempt at bulletin board material ever from a 50-win Knicks team. I can’t wait to see their fans bend over backwards trying to twist this into something it isn’t heading into Game 1. It’s sad really.  The inferior franchise who just wants respect is going to show us exactly why they don’t deserve any:

This behavior is why they’re treated like the doormat they are. People don’t forget last week when Knicks fans were crying how unfair it was they would have to go up against Joel Embiid and the Sixers in the first round.

Paul Reed isn’t shy about giving bulletin board material. But he won’t beat around the bush like he did today. He’ll just tell you outright what he thinks:

He’ll just keep it 50 times 2 like he always has: