Oh shit:

He was dealing with prostate cancer.

From the TMZ writeup:

O.J. had reportedly been battling prostate cancer in recent years, and his health took a turn for the worse of late — with him landing in hospice care within the past few months.

Word about O.J.’s cancer diagnosis first made the rounds in February, when a local outlet  reported it, although the details were hazy … as was O.J.’s response to the news at the time, when he denied he was in hospice, but didn’t address the cancer report.

We’re not expert obituary writers at CB, but this one is harder than the typical writeup because you’re asking yourself all sorts of questions. How much do you write about Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman? What’s the featured image? Is it O.J. in court? Is it him in a football uniform? Are we dropping Seinfeld jokes? The guy was probably the most infamous American of the last 30 years, just a lightning rod for anything and everything, and we’ll leave it there.