Every year I feel the same way about this and every year it gets worse. The Masters coverage sucks:

This year the tournament got pushed back to 10:30am because of rain. Sweet. Ease into the day and not miss a second of the coverage. The only problem is none of the TV coverage begins until 3 p.m. unless you have a multitude of streaming services. And even those don’t give you the full experience. Right now all I can get is Masters coverage on ESPN+, Golf Channel, and Peacock. Sure I can go to Masters.com and screen share it to my TV, but who am I, Einstein splitting the atom? Why the hell do I have to become a software engineer just to watch Erik van Rooyen tee off on #4? Just make a Masters App for the Roku and make my life easier. It’s 2024. ESPN+ and the Masters site are currently only showing holes 4, 5, 6. Right now Bryson DeChambeau is 3-under. Once he gets off #4, #5, #6 I won’t see him again unless I want to follow him. I don’t want to solely follow him or do split-screen. Just give me the whip-around coverage you assholes!

Listen I know this is just me on my soapbox complaining. But it’s because we’re literally exactly where we were when streaming was first introduced. I’d be just fine going back to cable. I pay for that and like four other streaming services. My bill is double what I used to pay when I had cable (Not really. I worked at Comcast. Free cable bitches. But you get the point.)!

The reason I still pay is because cable doesn’t have a delay. I work in sports. I can’t be tweeting about Bryce Harper hitting a home run 90 seconds later. That’s a lifetime on the Internet. These streaming and cable companies have me by the balls while laughing in my face when they introduce this bullshit like a bundle of Discovery, Hulu, and ESPN. That’s cable you assholes!

You’d think with the amount of people working from home nowadays this is the perfect opportunity to expand your golf coverage not reduce it. This is the most watched golf tournament every year. It’s the perfect background sport. I can tune it out and snap back whenever someone sinks a putt from 30 feet out and the crowd goes wild. Instead we’re watching on 15.5 inch computer or a seven inch iPhone instead of our 90 inch Ultra-holy shit 4K television:

Can’t wait to follow the best golfers in the world when they tee off at 1pm on my score app. Is this still America?