Gather round people, we’ve got the greatest fans in baseball giving their unfiltered opinions on the Braves, Dollar Dog Night, and the best butts on the staff. What else could you ask for? This is my new podcast with my buddy Matt Peoples called “Men at Work” –

Men at Work will be a long-form Man on the Street style podcast where we park our asses somewhere at a table with mics and invite people on to talk about anything. Check out the first two episodes on our YouTube channel. We’ll get it up on the podcast player when we feel like it, but I think this should be a visual experience to truly appreciate the tomfoolery of Phillies fans. In this episode we’re outside Citizens Bank Park before Opening Day. We find out the pronouns of the Barbera Bear, speak to an ACME Manager who tells us what people steal the most, a guy who doesn’t think Donald Trump could reach the plate if he threw out the first pitch, a new producer, a Braves fan scared to wear his own team’s jersey, a woman gives us her best butts on the Phillies, we uncover a teenage love triangle, and have our first reoccurring guest!

Does the world need another podcast with two white guys co-hosting? No. That’s why I asked a ginger to co-host with me. Minority numbers at Crossing Broad just went up 100%!

You can follow the pod here on social and everyone who works on it.

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