What a night! I appreciate everyone who came out to the Dollar Dog Night tailgate and everyone who donated after. We tripled our goal, raising close to $1,500 currently. You can still Venmo here or donate in Crossing Broad’s name to Philabundance. I’m going to drop the check off in the next 48 hours. Now, the other side of the coin I want to address since is the controversy with the Phillies. Instead of boring you with the long story details I decided to make a video explaining the situation from my perspective. The Phillies deny they sent a security guard to DDN but I just know what I heard. Feel free to make your own conclusions:

At this moment we have straightened it out with the Phils and all is good, but I thought you should hear it from me directly. Again, I don’t think anyone with a brain actually thinks the Phils hate charity. But it does make me laugh to think the Phillies had to respond before Ranger Suarez was about to throw a gem because an idiot cooking dogs in a parking lot was barking online. And whether the Phils sent the security guard or not it all worked out in Philabundance’s favor anyway. I know some people are now going to wonder if the Phillies and I actually planned this the entire time to raise more awareness? Feel free to put your tinfoil hat on.