Kate Scott with the classic announcer’s jinx at the end of Game 2. With 45 seconds left she said, “Stay tuned. Postgame Live is going to be fun!”

Narrator: It was in fact, not fun.

What an insane thing to say when you’re the Sixers announcer. This would be like a Boeing pilot saying “smooth flight” still 30 minutes from the destination. I mean Kate Scott has been here since 2021. She’s been initiated into the heartbreak. At least enough to know to zip it before the clock hits zero.

And Alaa is even more unforgivable:

It’s poetic he says, “job done” at the exact moment Kyle Lowry’s free throw rolls off the rim.

Buddy what are you doing? You were here for the Confetti Game, you watched the Kawhi shot, the 26 point blown lead against Atlanta and the Simmons pass under the basket, the Game 6 collapse last year. I know you didn’t call any of those games, but witnessing them should’ve be enough that you can’t just say “Job done. Lets go back up the turnpike.” with 45 seconds left when you’re the announcer for the most cursed NBA franchise of the last decade.