This clip is two days old but it’s so good that even on Monday afternoon it’s worth a site post:

“It’s gonna be epic. A lot of emotions, and a lot of tears for that team over there. We’re happy and we’re excited to get after it.”

Hilarious. A total mush job. Boston College went 34-6-1 and was riding a 15-game winning streak before losing 2-0 in the national title game. Couldn’t happen to a bigger group of bums. Big East traitors. Entitled Massholes. I am telling you, they are the absolute worst. They just fly under the radar a bit because there are cockroach Dallas Cowboy fans and shank-wielding 49ers fans all over the place. If Philly was a college hockey town, or even cared about college sports at all, you’d realize BC is right up there with the biggest losers, and we’re not talking about the weight loss TV show.