Howie Roseman only wants DAWGS! According to Dan Graziano at ESPN he’s heard from others around the league that the Eagles want to trade up for a receiver tomorrow. Specifically Brock Bowers:

People I’ve talked to believe the Eagles want to try to move up for a receiver, though one theory I found very interesting and potentially hilarious is that they could move up for tight end Brock Bowers, given their recent predilection for Georgia players.

Screw defense. The Eagles are going to kill you on one side of the ball. The Greatest Show on Hybrid Turf. Honestly, adding Brock Bowers to this offense would be awesome. Howie is always ahead of the curve on finding a replacement for his tight end. Now that Dallas Goedert is 29 he’s basically a 200,000 mile car that Howie hopes he can get two years out of. Brent Celek was 28 when they drafted 23 year old Zach Ertz in the second round. Ertz was 28 when they drafted 23 year old Goedert in the same round. Though he has never drafted a tight end in the first round.

Brock Bowers isn’t like a lot of tight ends though. DAWG:

He can beat you over the top and is elusive enough to chew up YAC. He’s a good blocker as well. If the Eagles do want Bowers they’ll probably have to get ahead of the Jets at #10 who has been linked to him all offseason.

Daniel Jeremiah mentioned this on his podcast. He says 0% chance they stay at #22: