According to Adam Schefter at ESPN Howie Roseman is dialing around the league apparently to see if he can move up in the draft on Thursday:

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has a history of trading up in Round 1 for the player he wants. He did it in 2019 to get offensive tackle Andre Dillard, in 2021 to get wide receiver Devonta Smith, in 2022 to get defensive lineman Jordan Davis and again in 2023 to get defensive tackle Jalen Carter, Davis’ teammate at Georgia.

If Roseman wants a cornerback at No. 22, as many people around the league believe he could, he might have to move up again. Per sources, he already has been calling around, gauging what a trade up might look like to be prepared for what has become a near-annual tradition. It’s also worth noting Roseman, who has been Philly’s GM since 2010, has never drafted a corner, tight end, running back or safety in Round 1.

Howie looks like he’s about to do something he’s never done: Draft a corner in the first round. How crazy would it be if his first corner was a white corner too? Talk about turning the game on it’s head. Cooper DeJean is exactly what the All-White’s need to even have a chance against the All-Blacks. And now he might be an Eagle.

Do you think when Howie calls GM’s get spooked? They have to. They’re like Drew Barrymore in the opening scene of Scream. Every time the phone rings and they see Howie on the caller ID they break into a cold sweat. I wouldn’t put it past that psycho to use a voice modulator either. If I was Howie I’d call other GM’s and then hang up after a couple rings and text back to say wrong number. Mental warfare. Now that GM is wondering who Howie actually meant to call. What’s he up to? He’s the puppet master pulling the strings. Howie makes a move and others start to follow.

Can’t wait for #HowieSZN to get going again, baby:


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Buried in Schefter’s report he mentioned that tampering charges against the Eagles and Falcons will be coming soon. Though the Falcons discipline will be more severe it looks like it will involve forfeiting picks:

Sources believe the discipline, which is likely to involve draft picks, is expected to be more severe for the Falcons. Here are two examples of tampering discipline from the NFL