A SEPTA bus driver needed to take a leak so bad he forgot to put his bus in park before running to drain the main vein:

Dude you would have to waterboard me to get this information. I wouldn’t admit this in 100 years. I mean you’re a SEPTA bus driver. They hire anyone at SEPTA. They’re becoming those door-to-door pyramid scheme companies. People don’t even blink anymore when they hear a SEPTA bus hit something. It’s actually more impressive when you don’t read about something SEPTA did wrong. I wouldn’t even be writing this right now if the story wasn’t guy had to take a leak and the bus just rolled off into a telephone pole. Just get back in the bus and tell them a dog came out of nowhere.

On the other hand, I sympathize with our frontline workers. There is nothing worse than having to piss or shit when you’re in a pinch. Prairie dogging it while you’re still 10 minutes away from your house is a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my enemy. Where is the technology advancement in automobiles? How are we still pissing in the soda bottle in the year 2024?

What a year for SEPTA. They’re in a “death spiral” and can’t stop crashing into things:


I CANNOT! #philly #septa

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At least they installed new gates to stop fare evaders on the subway.

And then showed us exactly how to evade them:

It’s BOGO Night everyday at SEPTA!