Huge game tonight for the Sixers against the Magic, but I’ll be honest I want Doc Rivers and Bucks badly. Sure Giannis is hobbled, but what I really want is Doc. We deserve it as Sixers fans to finally be on the other side of the joke during the playoffs. Thursday night Charles Barkley was confident the Sixers would beat the Bucks in the first round if they matchup. Shaq though doesn’t think the 76ers would even beat the Heat in the play-in tournament:

Listen I know these guys are both homers for the teams they played on, but it’s hard to argue with Shaq. The Sixers look great since Embiid has returned, but we’re talking about Playoff Jimmy here. Playoff Jimmy is a nightmare. You can’t measure Playoff Jimmy. It’s something about the Heat that when April rolls around they flip a switch and become unstoppable (they stop going out every night). Last year they went all the way to the Finals as an #8 seed with no Tyler Herro. It wasn’t just Jimmy and Bam playing NBA Jam either. Caleb Martin, Max Strus, and Gabe Vincent all shined on their own. Duncan Robinson was benched early in the year and was a key contributor in the playoffs after filling in for Herro. Pat Riley is a witch. I love to shit on #HeatCulture any opportunity I can get, but it works.

I mean Jimmy is already filming Hulu spots talking about “going nuclear on a motherfucker” in the playoffs with the butler from Fresh Prince:

I’m not scared, but I’ve seen this play out before in different circumstances:

One last “Tobias Harris over me!” would cut deep.

I’m gonna need Playoff Jimmy to become Play-In Jimmy like last year when they lost to the Hawks in the #7 seed game. Go play the Celtics. Ruin their season. We’ll see you in the Eastern Conference Finals.