That sucked. The series is over. It feels like we just put the family dog down. We’ll always have the start of the season and those eight games in April to look back on. I mean the Sixers didn’t feel like they had any business being in that game and were primed to steal one. They should’ve won! All they had to do was inbound the ball and hit a couple free throws. Instead the everything came crashing down the only way it can with the Sixers:

How many more times are we going to have to witness bounce in threes?

That last sequence was terrible, but how do you not award the clear Nick Nurse timeout? Here was Nurse’s explanation after the game:

I can’t believe everything was falling the Sixers way and that’s how the game ended. Jalen Brunson is building another MSG with the amount of bricks he’s thrown up in the first two games. Josh Hart cooled off in the second half. Thibs was playing Deuce McBride over Donte DiVencenzo like an idiot. It was all there! Then it all came falling down like it only could for the Sixers. I hate to be the guy that gives up, but Embiid might not even play Game 3. He has zero lift.

Hell I don’t even know if he has two working eyes anymore:

The non-Embiid minutes are a joke offensively. All the Knicks have to do is double Maxey and the play collapses. Here’s the supporting cast’s stat-lines if you’re a masochist:

Tobias Harris 10 points (4/11) 41 minutes
Kelly Oubre 4 points (2/7) 25 minutes
Nic Batum 6 points (2/5), 32 minutes
Buddy Hield 2 points (1/3), 14 minutes

The same Sixers story every year. Embiid is injured, carrying the team, Tyrese Maxey does what he can, and the rest of the guys turn into pumpkins. Buddy Hield is doing his best Markelle Fultz impression in the postseason. Tobias Harris started strong and then turned into Tobias Harris. Nicolas Batum and Kelly Oubre who? I mean Paul Reed gets two years guaranteed if they win this round. He’s nonexistent!

I can’t believe they lost the Tyrese Maxey flu game.

Lets go Phillies.