WrestleMania 40 was AWESOME! There were even better characters out in the parking lot:

I’ll be honest with you. I came into this thinking I was going to hate everyone. I thought after age 15 if you liked wrestling you’ve probably also never seen a real boob (which still might be true). But spending two days down there, the electricity was amazing. The costumes, everyone walking around with a belt, people knocking stuff off their bucket list or traveling 30 hours just to be here for four days was great. All the stories we heard and all the people we met made me eat my words. It made a guy who grew up during the Attitude Era realize that wrestling is still a major part of people’s lives, which is awesome!

In this episode we met a guy who sells Hondas, Macho Man Randy Savage, a guy who flew 30 hours from Singapore for his first time in the United States, a tantalizing former wrestler whose goal is to get to 10k subs on YouTube, Cody Crybabies, and a guy whose granddaughter fulfilled his bucket list dream. People were also getting Stunner’d in the parking lot, hit with chairs, and more, all in this episode. Take a looksy in the promo:

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