Wally the emotional support alligator is missing in Georgia! You probably remember Wally from the viral video of him trying to get into a Phillies game last year and than being let into a Flyers game:


LET WALLY IN @Phillies #philly

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Whoever stole Wally count your days bitch!

According to Sarah Burns at 10 WJAR Wally was taken out of his enclosure last Sunday:

Joie Henney, the Pennsylvania man famous for owning an alligator as an emotional support animal, said his semiaquatic reptile friend was stolen while the two were visiting friends in Georgia.

Henney told WHP that Wally the emotional support alligator has been missing since Sunday, when he disappeared from his enclosure at the house they were staying at in Brunswick, Georgia.

Henney said he woke up from a nap that day and went to check on Wally in his enclosure in the morning to see if he wanted to come inside the house. He noted it was unusual for Wally to be quiet around this time of day.

There seems to be some jealous people down there in the backwoods of Georgia:

Henney has been in Georgia searching for the last week. He told us a group of people in the area were threatening to take Wally and release him back into the wild. During the search, one of Henney’s friends reported to him that they overheard someone at a local bar bragging about how they stole an alligator.

There’s also this post from Wally’s Facebook page. It could’ve been a prank gone wrong. Nothing like pranking your buddy with an alligator in the backyard. Some people do the plastic wrap in the doorway and others steal gators to put them in their buddy’s front lawn to scare the hell out of them:

Nick Castellanos is +400 to homer today. Do with that information what you wish.