Not April Fools. Via

The Phillies are excited to announce that the club’s 2024 Nike MLB City Connect jersey will officially debut on Friday, April 5, 10:00 a.m. ET, at the New Era Phillies Team Store at Citizens Bank Park. This will be the exclusive location in Philadelphia to purchase the new City Connect jersey, along with additional City Connect merchandise, during the initial launch.

Will the Phillies only be letting kids 14 and under buy the jerseys that day?

The Phillies will wear these every Friday they have a home game and the first game will be against the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 12th.

So the worst kept secret is that these will be the leaks we saw months ago right?  Here they are modeled after the color scheme of the Philadelphia flag, in case you forgot:

I don’t really hate the jerseys. I’ve always said they look like a beer league softball jersey. When we heard they were going to be blue and yellow I was thinking more Kevin Curtis and less Golden State Warriors. I’ve had this theory though, that every jersey leaks so Nike and the Phillies can get in front of the criticism, so that when it drops the reaction on social media isn’t half as bad.  Like Michael Scott said, “Alert the media and then you control the story.”

Now if the Phils are 1-5 by the time these drop, there might be no saving the team. Still, something tells me this jersey release is going to be a lot different than the Eagles Kelly Green one: