Here’s the first look at the Allen Iverson “statue” now outside the Sixers practice facility (the jokes write themselves):

What is this? A ceremony for ants?

I don’t think this passes the smell test to be labeled a statue. If it is this is the “6 foot guard from Georgetown” of statues. This is a trophy because I’ve seen bigger “statues” at AAU tournaments. Why is it so itty bitty? This is a paper weight:

(via @Sixers on Twitter)

Zoo witnessed that 2020 collapse against the Hawks in person and this might be the biggest failure he’s ever seen:


I don’t even think I’m being overly critical here. Look at this thing compared to the others on “Legends Walk” which ironically Allen Iverson filmed the other day:


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The statues are smaller than the ones outside the Wells Fargo Center but they’re not Allen Iverson small.  This is a hood ornament on Josh Harris’ Mercedes. It’s smaller than AI himself:

It’s an action figure (batteries sold separately).

At the end of the day the statue outside of the practice facility doesn’t matter. It’s the one outside of the stadium that 99% of people will get to see. But people are saying it’s more Calvin Cambridge than AI and now I have to logoff the Internet for the rest of the weekend.

P.S. Say something nice about the statue: I’m cool with the crossover pose. It’s what made us fall in love with AI and the first core memory we have of him crossing up Michael Jordan. Good job on that.