The Flyers lost 4-3 in overtime on Monday night, a rollercoaster game that featured Ivan Fedotov’s debut, an incredibly-late third period Morgan Frost goal, and an utterly pathetic overtime period that featured zero shots and a lot of retreating into the Flyers’ zone. Afterward, Torts delivered a very Torts-like presser:

Reporter 1: John, it seems like after Travis Sanheim scores that goal in the second period, you guys had all the momentum and then things came to a stop. What was your assessment of where things were?

John Tortorella: Soft. One guy played, the goalie.

Reporter 2: How encouraging is it that he came in cold and was –

Tortorella: Terrific. He’s the only guy that played.

Reporter 3: Is that surprising considering you said you trust your team, you don’t have to tell them or remind them, and –

Tortorella: You’re finding things out here, okay? These games are a whole different plane. It’s still regular season, right? But it’s a whole different plane. So we’re finding things out.

Reporter 4: Last game you said it wasn’t a great performance, were you concerned that it lingered again, that it was a soft game, per se?

Tortorella: Not the whole game, and not the whole group. There are certain people that they don’t have a clue how to play. Or don’t have it in them to play in these types of situations. And this is why I’m glad we’re playing them, because we have to figure things out, as far as what we’re going to become as a team here. That was embarrassing in the second period for the Philadelphia Flyer uniform, the way we played. Embarrassing. High marks as far as how we came back in the third, some guys.

Torts explained that Fedotov was “the only god damn player that played in the second period.” He pulled Samuel Ersson because he “didn’t look right,” and was impressed with the debut of the former KHL goaltender, who came over just last week. He also lamented players that “don’t have enough balls to play in these types of games,” noting that rest is meaningless without the intrinsic former.

So yeah, that’s the recap.

Morgan Frost saved the Flyers’ bacon by scoring with just a few seconds left in the third, but he then gifted New York a turnover that led to the overtime-losing goal. It was as pathetic of an overtime period as you will ever see, and while the Flyers finally got Travis Konecny and some of their better offensive players on the ice, they spent the OT period controlling possession and retreating into their own zone, which resulted in zero shot attempts. Torts started with a group of Travis Sanheim/Tyson Foerster/Scott Laughton, then Jamie Drysdale came on the ice with Frost. Konecny replaced Foerster, and then this happened:

The Flyers haven’t won an overtime game since January 12th in Minnesota. Since, they’ve lost four and a shootout as well. They’ve tried the defensive approach, which didn’t work, and now last night’s approach, which also didn’t work. At least this time they got their better attacking players on the ice, so we’re taking baby steps here. Part of me wants to see Torts say “ah fuck it” and they got fight fire with fire. Just go kamikaze in OT and see what happens, because the alternatives aren’t any better.

They’ve got six games left, beginning with four straight on the road, and while they’re third in the Metro for the time being, Washington and Detroit are one point back, both with games in hand.

Buckle up!