ICYMI Kelly Oubre took a shot at the Knicks celebrity row during his press conference Friday:

Where’s the lie? Was this some kind of secret Knicks fans wanted us to not know? Of course you have your usuals like Spike Lee and Bobby Baclava from The Sopranos at most of the games. Seinfeld and Chris Rock will show up occasionally whenever there’s a new Grown Ups movie to promote, but besides that they use borderline A-List and B-List celebs to fill the regular season games. C-List especially when they’re not good.

Speaking of C List, Turtle from Entourage didn’t like Oubre spilling the trade secrets one bit:

Smoke more weed Turtle…

Lets take a look at that rich playoff history:


Listen if you’re a Celtics, Heat, or Bucks fan you have free reign to make fun of the Sixers. But not the Knicks. The Knicks haven’t been relevant since the Menendez brothers were sitting courtside. Knicks fans are bending over backwards to use bulletin board material from BBall Paul and Oubre. How sad is that? The backup center and a guy on the minimum have so much rent in their head. Like this was a real quote from Evan Roberts at WFAN in NY: