Joel Embiid 50 burger in Game 3:

Listen was Embiid playing out of his mind in the beginning of the day by kicking Isaiah Hartenstein in the balls and pulling Mitchell Robinson down? Yea. It was a dirty play. Have the Knicks physically outplayed the Sixers the entire series? Also yes. So I didn’t give a shit Embiid was giving it back. It set the tone early and look how the Sixers answered. They were on fire in the 3rd quarter going 9/11 from three. The only problem was the Knicks were answering with shot after shot. Sixers never were discouraged. Cam Payne just earned himself minutes for the rest of the series. Kelly Oubre finally showed up offensively. They got some decent help from the supporting cast and look what happened. They won by double digits. It doesn’t need to be that hard.

The Sixers were never losing Game 3. Not in Adam Silver’s NBA:

Phillies won. Sixers won. Eagles locked up AJ Brown and are about to pick their next Hall of Famer. Life is good!