Mike Jerrick is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m a FOX 29 Morning Show guy. Always have been. CBS3, NBC10, Channel 6? Too buttoned up for me. I want to know at any moment that we could be watching a train wreck take place in live time. I want Bob Kelly blabbering about traffic and Jenn Frederick potentially a little drunk at a breakfast spot at 8 a.m. Sue Serio giving a weather report I don’t even care about because I don’t come to my FOX 29 Morning Show for facts. I come to see Mike Jerrick give interviews like these at a random eclipse wedding in Rochester, NY:


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I’ll never be as good as Mike Jerrick on the mic and that’s fine with me.

“Carly? Karla.”

“Hey Kyle.”


“Like I said, Kevin.”

End scene.

This lady never broke eye contact with the camera either:

Seems like she has a bit of a staring problem. Hopefully someone gave her some eclipse sunglasses.

Anyway congrats to Wild Sunshine and Moonrise Sunflower. You crazy kids enjoy yourselves! Mike’s been on quite a heater lately:


What she say? I just felt a lil shake. Philly New Jersey New York Earthquake #jerseyclub #Philly #remix #fox29

♬ original sound – CasaDi

Jesus that eclipse sucked, huh? Well at least in Philadelphia it did. I gave $25 to Daddy Bezos for a five pack of glasses when I could’ve just stared directly at the thing and I would’ve been fine.

Here’s a roundup of other clips from around the world that went viral during the eclipse. Starting with crazy Weather Channel lady:

This kid took a moneyshot of sun right to the eyeball:

Mexican news played a guys balls on television. This is the Fox29 of Mexico:

Our buddy Santiago went over to Erie where the eclipse was supposed to be in totality and got some crazy footage:


Insane experience, thanks to @Ligma Ki for coming with me! #eclipse

♬ original sound – No Shorts

I can’t help but think of living in the 1200s whenever an eclipse happens. Imagine you’re taking a shit in a hole in the middle of the afternoon and the sun just vanishes. Wild.