The Nic Batum game. Get this over to Old Takes Exposed immediately:

Remember when there were rumors Batum’s wife almost blew up the trade because she didn’t want to leave LA for Philly? Now he’s winning the damn play-in. 20 points, 6/10 from three. What the hell got into this guy?

It didn’t hurt that Joel Embiid finally decided to play in the fourth quarter and a switch flipped as soon as the Heat missed two straight free throws to nab Sixers fans free nuggets:

Does the Bricken for Chicken promotion make up for Color World?

Now did this team look like it was firing on all cylinders tonight? No. Is Nic Batum going to be able to carry you to a win in the playoffs multiple games? Probably not.  Is Joel Embiid’s knee and conditioning equally terrible? Yea. You could’ve made an argument to bench him before the fourth he looked so out of it. They were playing 5 on 4 most of the game. But that’s a Saturday problem. Go get your free chicken and enjoy yourself tonight.

Up 12 at halftime and lose. #HeatCulture lol.

P.S. Play-in Jimmy ain’t Playoff Jimmy: