Ho hum. WrestleMania in Philly was the most successful ever. Via WWE Press Release –

• WrestleMania XL broke the previous gate record set by WrestleMania 39 by 78%

• WrestleMania XL viewership was up 41% across both nights vs last year’s record-setting audience

• WWE World at WrestleMania is now the highest-grossing & most-attended fan event in company history

• WrestleMania XL became the most socially viewed WrestleMania of all time, with over 660 million views consumed over the two days

• WWE’s YouTube channel saw its most-viewed day in channel history on WrestleMania XL Sunday with more than 67 million views in 24 hours

• RAW, SmackDown, NXT over WM weekend — all broke attendance & or gate records

Some are saying it’s the greatest WrestleMania ever with the greatest match ever. I think people are just prisoners of the moment, but I’m happy Philadelphia can carry that torch for at least a year. I mean it’s undeniably one of the biggest moments in WWE history. The launch of the Triple H era as sole head of content. Everything that happens falls on his shoulders now and the company feels like it’s in good hands.

Look at this crowd going wild when he came out to start Monday Night Raw:

I’m not even a big WWE fan, but the storytelling leading up to WrestleMania and on Sunday was amazing. Anytime it crosses over into the general population’s algorithm you know they’re doing something right. You could argue this might be the strongest the company has ever been. They’re selling out legit NFL stadiums for the last couple of years, packing the Convention Center all week, and breaking record after record. I met people as far as Bangladesh, Australia, and Singapore that came to Philly for it. Everyone walking around the tailgates had replica belts. Some had like three. Those things go for like $500 a pop! It’s insane to see how much of a global brand this thing is. Wrestling fans might be some of the most loyal in the world. What an awesome moment for the city. So is it the greatest WrestleMania? Who knows. But it’s awesome to know the backdrop for one of the greatest moments in WrestleMania history will always be at the Linc: