The Eagles Autism Challenge was Saturday, the annual fundraiser where Eagles players participate in a 10-mile bike ride. A.J. Brown pulled a veteran move and went with the electric bike this year. Work smarter, not harder.

“Does A.J. Brown already taking shortcuts after signing his extension worry you? The lines are open at 215-592-9494.”

Listen, A.J. Brown can do whatever he wants if he keeps putting up 1,500 yard receiving seasons. I don’t care if he makes all of the linemen carry him in a rickshaw for 10 miles while he throws money out to Eagles fans. He’s earned it. It’s his off day. We need as little wear and tear on those $100 million legs as possible. But bringing your electric bike to a charity ride is still a hilarious thing to do.

This is like that Curb episode where Funkhouser doesn’t walk in the Alzheimer’s benefit after Larry sponsors him. The biking is implied:


The Big Funk dont walk. #thefunkman#larrydavid#curbyourenthusiasm#funkhouser#fyp

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Though A.J. should be pedaling as little as possible. We want him biking around the city of Philadelphia as little as possible: