Here’s a great thread of what Alec Bohm did during the game on his day off. This is a guy in his day who made one or two trips to a Target with his mom and needed to figure out ways to pass the time. Tuesday night the ADHD was working double. Here he is checking the bats to make sure they’re good enough for the guys:

Obviously they were worked since the boys dropped eight runs on the ERA leader.

Once we were done with the bats it was arts and crafts time so he drew in the dirt. Is that him practicing his signature?

Then we moved on to filling Christian Pache’s hood with seeds. If you ever wondered what it would be like if one of the best players in baseball had a demeanor of a third grader all you have to do is look at Alec Bohm:

And finally he joined the fans in the wave with more seeds. Guy spread more seed than Antonio Cromartie: