A Chinese food container? A pack of cigs? A stoned recycle bin the garbageman just chucks in the back of his truck, leaving you with nothing to put your plastic and glass in? People have a bunch of different thoughts on Philly’s new mascot for the Semiquincentennial next year:

The mascot’s name is The Keystone Kid. It sounds like the nickname of a boxer fighting out of Chambersburg. A guy who’s stuck between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and doesn’t know which major city to claim so he just went with The Keystone Kid an hour before his first bout.

According to Victor Fiorillo at Philly Mag, there are two agencies focusing on the Semiquincentennial. Two different organizations in charge of an event in Philly. Your taxpayer dollars at work! One agency is America250. They’re the main organization around the country’s 250th anniversary. This mascot though belongs to America 250 PA. That group is celebrating Pennsylvania’s role in the birth of the country. Confused? So am I. But if you hate the mascot it doesn’t mean that the Chinese takeout container will be everywhere during the 250th anniversary.

I’m not going to lie, I like The Kid. From the stoned look, to the name, to the merch looking like he just ripped a fat bong and a friend asked him how he’s feeling:

I have a feeling The Keystone Kid is going to make a name for himself. Right up there with the Gary Barbera Bear and the Hatfield Meats pig.