KINKEAD: People are now saying this is an old video, from 2019. Looks like we all got duped. I think we all jumped the gun because deep down we wanted it to be true, to have some proof that the Bagel Boss was still with us. Alas, it appears as though he is not back and better than ever. We will have to do some digging to find out if the Bagel Boss is actually still alive. 

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A lot of people think the Bagel Boss guy died, but that’s not true. He actually had a mini-stroke. Thank god for us. Now he’s back and better than ever, fighting with people in public places again:

You’d think if someone found a leprechaun in a casino they’d show him a little more respect.

How about Bagel Boss’ outfit? The cut off shirt, the shorts(?) capris (?), and the Timbs. Looks like he’s wearing his dad’s construction uniform:

We need more kick-heavy fights. Kicking in a fight is hilarious to me. It’s just something that regular everyday humans never do so it always looks so unnatural when it happens. I thought Bagel Boss was delivering some pretty solid thigh shots, but they probably only do a small percentage of damage when you’re that size.

I’ve watched this video like 100 times and I keep latching onto the fact Bagel Boss guy says, “You guys call me (kick to the midsection) at 2 o’clock in the fucking morning?” Are these guys friends? Is that a hooker? What the hell is going on? Is this drunk guy a silent knight? Is this gawd, his fawther, or his baws?


P.S. I love this woman continuing to play slots in the background while this is going on. That lever isn’t going to pull itself:

Kinkead: we never did get that Lenny Dykstra vs. Bagel Boss fight