Crossing Broad’s first and only children’s book review was published a few years ago, when former Eyewitness News* anchor Lesley Van Arsdall and Birds legend Brian Westbrook teamed up for a joint called The Mouse Who Played Football. Now LVA is doing another project with Brandon Graham:

We gave The Mouse Who Played Football a 10 out of 10 because it retold Westbrook’s underdog story in a fun and palatable children’s format. They turned Andy Reid into a bespectacled rodent and snuck a 41-33 reference in there as well.

No details yet on the plot of this book just yet, but if it follows the same formula, they could tell B.G.’s story but make him a cartoon wolverine or something like that. It would be the tale of a much-maligned draft pick who went on to make the biggest play in Eagles history. It would start with fans clamoring for a fellow wolverine named “Thomas Earl” and then a coach named “Davis Billy” enters the fray and changes the defensive alignment. Brandon is the subject of trade rumors, but he goes on to pull off the greatest strip sack that football has ever seen. Now THAT’S a story I’d read to my kids.

*Eyewitness News rebranding to CBS News Philadelphia – that has to be one of the dumbest things ever, right? Who made that decision? Had to be some useless corporate suit in New York.