I want to make a promise to the people who read this site. If I ever become the most famous country singer in the world and go on a massive tour performing in stops like Dallas, New York, and Boston, I will never be that guy who wears the colors of a rival team so I can sell a couple more t-shirts. That’s a guarantee to you from me. I’m not some fraud Braves fan like Morgan Wallen who wore the Phillies City Connect jersey proudly after we kicked their ass two years straight in the playoffs:


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And this was AFTER he acknowledged the ass-kicking the Phillies gave them.

He even admitted to almost not playing his song ’98 Braves because of said ass kicking. For anyone who isn’t a fan of Morgan Wallen the song talks about the 106-win ’98 team losing to the Padres in the NLCS and comparing it to a relationship that had potential but came up short:


morgan wallen in philly #philliesbaseball

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After he played the song the best fans in baseball came through with a “Lets Go Phillies” chant in CBP:

People were juiced up for the concert. They had to wait an entire year after it was postponed in 2023. Dallas Goedert got after it in the suites:


LETS GO #morganwallen #eagles #philly #gobirds

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We had a fight take place in slow motion:

Some eye witnesses said it’s the most people they’ve ever seen in CBP. So many people they had to bring porta potties into the stadium because the bathrooms wouldn’t have been enough. He even played in a timely fashion. I was told he came on after 9:30 and finished by 10:59. That rubbed some people the wrong way, but I would appreciate the efficiency getting 20+ songs in high-40s and rainy weather.