You won’t see this leading the national news. Where are the headlines about heroic Phillies fans giving a baby a moment they’ll never forget (or remember)???

Oh they threw snowballs at Santa and batteries at JD Drew. They puked on a child and violently shared hot dogs with each other. Blah Blah Blah. If it bleeds, it leads when it comes to Phillies fans. When we do something like this it’s crickets because it doesn’t move papers. If no one else is going to talk about it, Crossing Broad will talk about it. Lead from the front. We’ll yell from the top of City Hall that this is the best Phuckin fanbase in the world.

The vibes are so high right now in CBP. Those guys didn’t even kill each other for the ball either. Probably because the way the Phils are hitting there will be another in a couple of batters. But that was the most gentle scrum for a home run ball I’ve ever seen. The barbaric Philly fan narrative is currently on life support!

Inside every Phillies fan there are two wolves. One is a guy giving a baby a JT Realmuto home run ball. The other is bringing his broom to a game after they sweep the Champs. The baby then becomes the guy with the broom:

The duality of man is beautiful.

P.S. I always think I’d catch a home run ball barehanded, but after seeing that thing headhunting the first poor soul that gets in its, way I may have to reconsider. Depends on how many Miller Lites I have by then to counter the pain. Not gonna lie, it hurts that that baby has more home run balls than I do.