Chauncey Gardner-Johnson apparently released a new music video:

You know this song needs? More autotune! That’s the one thing that’s missing.

But on a more serious note, this is atrocious. I’d rather listen to a 17-hour Springsteen concert in Asbury Park while being waterboarded. This makes Shaq’s rap album sound like Illmatic.

Apparently CJGJ has released a bunch of music videos. Did anyone know this? I guess we didn’t know since he was playing in Detroit and basically told us to go pound sand after the Super Bowl. The other songs are called “Phil Jackson,” “STARS,” “Rich Problems,” and “FREE T.Y.” They are all equally as bad as this one. I don’t mean to be insensitive or rude, but this totally stinks. Max Kellerman is a better rapper than CJGJ:

Max was out there rhyming about Branch Davidians! He’s a real one. CJGJ is mumbling about god knows what.

No matter. If CJGJ picks off Jordan Love and runs it back 75 yards for a touchdown during Week 1 in Sao Paulo, I’ll buy his album on limited-edition vinyl and purchase the backstage meet and greet package for his first live performance.