Absolutely fraudulent behavior from Dawn Staley on display for the world to see. This is the Queen of Philly hoops? Did we have a double agent ringing the bell this entire time?

Et tu, Dawn?

10 days ago you were leading us into battle from the front lines:

Now you’re giving up base coordinates and fraternizing with the enemy there, Benedict Arnold? This tweet will be brought up at the job interview next time the Sixers need a head coach and finally decide to meet with her.

Now if this was last year I wouldn’t even bat an eye. That team ripped the entire soul out of Philly after Game 7. But not this year. Not when it’s the most important offseason in franchise history. Not when we finally have a true 1-2 punch. Not when we have a ton of cap space and are free from the shackles of a Tobias Harris contract. Nope. “If you can’t beat em join them”? Imagine if the troops said that after Pearl Harbor. We’d be speaking German right now.

“Go New York, Go New York Go!”

Dawn Staley:

Despicable. From a former Owl no less who knows how the Brunson situation with them ended.

It’s made me sick seeing people around Philly rooting for the Knicks either because of their Villanova ties or because their game reminds them of a “Philly-type team”. I mean Kyle Scott owes his beach house to Philly sports and I’m positive he tucked a Josh Hart Nova jersey under a 76ers sweatshirt during games. Jon Marks is declaring his allegiance to Gotham if they make it out of this round:

Was meteor hits The Garden not an option?

The Knicks have tricked people into thinking they’re some underdog. They won 50 games for god’s sake. The East stinks minus Boston. The #7 seed was separated by three games. Is it because of the injuries they’ve been able to pull the wool over people’s eyes? The same Julius Randle who didn’t show up last year and had Knicks fans ripping his poster off the walls? No underdog gets a whistle like the Knicks have been getting: