Dolphins safety Jevon Holland had some things to say about Vic Fangio:

Holland played about 65% of the Dolphins’ defensive snaps last year, so it’s not like this is some fringe player, butthurt because he didn’t see the field.

You ask yourself two questions, 1) is Fangio is too old school and too tough on players in 2024?, and 2) are Dolphins players total pussies? Maybe it’s a little bit of both, but news flash: 65-year-old guy who has been coaching since the early 1980s doesn’t exactly mesh with 25 year olds in the present day. We’ll see if the Fins actually do something this year or they just run some fancy offensive plays with a hip, young coach while getting blown up on the other side of the ball.

What’s most important is that the Eagles have a defensive coordinator who is going to come in here and be a hardo. After the way that unit played down the stretch last season, someone needs to come in here and put boots to asses. Let’s set some standards and demand some excellence. We want hard-nosed football. We want guys flying around out there.