What a beautiful Sunday to be a hater in Philly! The Knicks and Braves got smoked and Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets gave up the largest lead in Game 7 history. Combine that with the Phillies sweeping the Nationals and it was an awesome day for a Philly sports fan. Let the hate flow through you. Who cares what your therapist thinks. Some well-placed hate is good for the soul:

It started with the Nova Knicks and their historic season ending in the second round. The last two seasons they’ve been eliminated by a #8 and #6 seed.

You would’ve never known that after they won the title in the first round:

Just the most obnoxious, gutter trash fanbase hit by karma instantly. It’s beautiful. They went from “We Want Boston!” to “Knicks in 8!” lol:

There’s something beautiful about Knicks killer T.J. McConnell being the one that ripped the fanbase’s heart out:

Next came the Braves who got embarrassed on Sunday Night Baseball to a team below .500, which I’ve been told if you play a team under .500 and win you’re not a real ball club. So then what does that make the Braves in this case?

The Braves announcers have to be running out of excuses for known Gold Glover Ronald Acuna:

The cherry on top was the Nuggets giving up the largest lead in Game 7 history to the Timberwolves. Nikola Jokic has still never beat a team with 50 or more wins in a postseason. You think people would talk about that more right? Imagine the sore loser takes if this was Joel Embiid:

But since Joker openly hates basketball and plays with horses it’s all fun. No one will mention the 20 point blown lead because of the gauntlet of #8, #4, #7, and #8 seeds he played on his way to a championship last year.

The Philly cocky/distraught meter is full on cocky right now: