It’s Jason Kelce’s world right now and we’re just living in it. Wednesday night Jeopardy! featured an entire category called “The World Revolves Around Jason Kelce.” That’s huge. On Jeopardy Masters no less. An entire category? They don’t even give entire categories to every President:

I wonder if Kelce’s agent worked a Jeopardy cameo into his new Disney deal.

Awesome clip, but we gotta talk about Yogesh for a second with the “Salt AND Pepa” answer. Isn’t it technically “Salt-N-Pepa?” I hate to be that guy, but this is Jeopardy Masters we’re talking about. The cream of the crop. The best players that have ever graced Alex Trebek Stage. You have to be on top of your game here or you’ll wind up looking like that doofus in front of the country like Brad in the GOAT competition:


I’m surprised Ken moved on to another question so quickly without checking with the judges. Sajak doesn’t let that shit happen on the Wheel. You better pronounce everything right or you’re getting buzzed lady:

Come correct or don’t come at all. Appreciate you serving the country, but it’s a war out here in these game show streets, too. You think we became the greatest country in the world without dotting I’s and crossing T’s and pronouncing the “G” in Swimming? Nope. Hope you learned your lesson.

Get it together, Ken. I hope this is a learning lesson. You’re on the Alex Trebek Stage, act like it. You think he and the judges are letting Salt-AND-Pepa slide? Ask Jeopardy Reid how that went. Haven’t heard from this guy since:


Thank you to @DadRobs on Twitter for making this so I didn’t have to: