What a fucking headline, lol. Jason Kelce is going to realize that the Internet is a lot more tiresome place than the football field if he has to keep apologizing for dumb shit. I mean the horse is probably in his kid’s glue stick at this point. Here’s the clip of him talking about Secretariat being “juiced to the gills” followed by the apology:

I never thought I’d be in a position to give Jason Kelce advice, but here’s a free one from a guy who makes a living off of the Internet: It is not a real place. It’s made up of fake wires and numbers and you never truly know if you’re talking to a person or a Russian bot. So if people want to get upset that you said a horse from 50 years ago was ‘roided up to the gills, let them. Mute the notifications and go watch COPS. They’ll keep scrolling and find another topic to be upset about in 10 minutes.

That’s how you end up being reprimanded by a person named Dr. Bubbles:

And if we’re being honest, Kelce might have too much time on his hands. Hall of Famer or not, this is just entirely too long of a tweet:

“Just going to put this out there, you know who else has enlarged hearts. People who take copious amounts of steroids. I’ll admit I don’t know whether Secretariat was on steroids or not, it’s impossible to know, because in 1973 when Secretariat won the triple crown there was not adequate testing available to find out. But, the fact this horse had unparalleled muscular stature and died with an enlarged heart, and raced at a time when steroids were extremely prevalent, without adequate testing, raises flags in my book. Thoroughbred steroid use dates back to the 60s at least. I’m not saying what Secretariat did was unimpressive, because he was likely also racing against other majorly juiced up horses of his time, and if Secretariat was indeed a natural horse, that would make his accomplishments all the more impressive. I just find it highly unlikely given the circumstances of where the sport was at at that time, how dominant the horse was in the era, and the records it still holds to this day. The enlarged heart in my mind is actually more evidence that at some point the horse was being juiced. There is a gene that some thoroughbreds carry that causes a larger heart, but this wasn’t just a larger heart, this was a heart large enough for the vet to say it was the largest heart he had ever seen. The horse was undoubtedly born with incredible natural mechanics and ability, and may have been natural, but I also think that it’s unlikely given the time it raced and what was happening with a lot of those horses and the lack of testing available.”

Howie better have called him after seeing that and told him to come teach some rookies how to pass block.

One thing we can take out of all of this is that Kelce is a Barry Bonds Hall of Fame truther and I think that’s enough for people to forgive him:

P.S. How about the new Travis Kelce hairstyle?

Does Taylor Swift have a thing for Northeast Philly guys? First the fade, now the Father Judge?