Kenny Gainwell was on a podcast and answered what he thought contributed to the Eagles collapse last season:

This organization really hated each other last year, huh? Jeff McLane also reported the team was miserable even after starting 10-1, which honestly gives me even more optimism for this season. If this team hated each other’s guts but were still talented enough to start 10-1 imagine how they’ll play when they like each other.

I’d kill to know what happened behind the scenes with Howie and Haason Reddick. Was it a silent tension all year or was it one all out screaming match in his office? We know Howie isn’t afraid to bust some chops:

The following week, Johnson was with teammates in the NovaCare cafeteria when Roseman walked up and said, according to sources, “I’ve never seen you get beat by a rookie before.” The pair were known to bust each other’s chops, but Johnson, who was also dealing with personal issues at the time, didn’t take kindly to the jab. He left the facility.

A month later, the Eagles were in London to face the Jaguars. Johnson had suffered a high ankle sprain three games earlier but continued to forge on. But as the players geared up that Sunday in the Wembley Stadium locker room, Johnson voiced concerns about playing.

Roseman caught wind and berated him, sources present said. Nearby teammates and coaches couldn’t understand why he would provoke him, considering Johnson’s current state. The tackle finished suiting up and as he walked by Roseman, the GM said, according to sources, “Good, you have your mouthpiece in, now you can’t say anything stupid.”

Whatever it was the good news is the Eagles have one of the best cultures in the NFL so hopefully they get back on track. Last year wasn’t even the worst locker room the Eagles have had in the 2020s.

Here’s the entire pod: