The Knicks got completely smoked by the Pacers in Game 7 at Madison Square Garden on Sunday afternoon, conceding 130 points while playing a version of defense that was equal parts Swiss cheese and matador. At some point during the ass kicking, RG3 went on Twitter to say this:

Do they? Why? Are they the first excited fan base of an injury-wracked team that got obliterated in a Game 7? Are they more passionate than Pacers, Thunder, and Wolves fans? Is it because they haven’t won anything significant since The Bum Bum Song reached #1 on TRL? What makes New York fans deserving of a better outcome? Because they’ve got G-list celebrities like Turtle and Spike Lee in the crowd and live in the largest American city?

Knicks fans knew exactly what was coming. They were already down Julius Randle, Mitchell Robinson, and Bojan Bogdanovic. Then they lost OG Anunoby while Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson got banged up. If you ask the pragmatic New York fans, they knew the wheels were going to come off the bus at any moment, and sure enough, that’s what happened after going up 2-0 in the series.

For the non-pragmatic New York fans, i.e. the deplorables who came to Philadelphia and/or run whiny social media accounts, then they got a taste of what it’s like to be a Sixers fan:

  • 50+ wins in the regular season? Check.
  • Sky-high excitement for the postseason? Check.
  • Key injury or injuries? Check.
  • Get your ass totally kicked in a demoralizing Game 7? Check.
  • Still haven’t gotten to a conference final in 20+ years? Check. 

All this hemming and hawing, just for the Knicks to lose to a 6-seed, 47-win Pacer team in the second round.

What’s most pathetic is that this Indiana squad handled a team the Sixers could not. This Pacers roster is not rife with superstars. They’ve got Tyrese Haliburton, who hasn’t even reached his ceiling yet, they’ve got the 2nd option on Toronto’s title-winning team in Pascal Siakam, they’ve got an above-average big man in Myles Turner and a bunch of role players behind them. Tell me this Pacers team has more talent than the 2023, 2021, or 2019 Sixers. They don’t, and while a banged-up Knicks team isn’t exactly Kawhi’s Raptors or any iteration of the Celtics, the fact that Indy made an ECF before post-Process Philly is pitiful. PITIFUL!

But back to RG3’s tweet –

You know who deserves better? How about Sixers fans who survived the process, then watched the NBA THRUST the Colangelos upon Philadelphia, only for Barbara BOTTINI to screw things up even further by going after the players with burner accounts. Then three years of Doc Rivers choke jobs and Ben Simmons caring more about his Call of Duty clan while Joel Embiid can’t figure out how to stay healthy. Did Gaylord Focker and Tracy Morgan live through that? They did not!

For the final time this year, let’s play the song: