This year it’s Ne-Yo and Kesha at the Fourth of July concert on the Parkway:

This is a pretty good duo. Last year we had Demi Lovato in her mid-life crisis “rock phase” and a Ludacris performance in which NBC 10 bleeped out more than 50% of “Move Bitch,” resulting in 17 seconds of dead air in the middle of a live television broadcast. It was great. We’re told the person on the dump button required oxygen after the show.

But for real, Ne-Yo is quality R&B. He’s the exact type of artist you want for this kind of show and this kind of crowd. Philly appreciates R&B of all eras. And Kesha had 5-6 bangers that were released within just a few years of each other. I can’t tell you anything about her new stuff, but the trashy party girl vibe certainly resonated with the portion of tired Millennial parents who are now pushing 40. Very Boyertown-esque and relatable, her image was. We played Kesha at our wedding and regret nothing about it. Definitely gonna watch the show on TV with my wife before we both pass out at 10:45 p.m.