Look at Scott Hartnell living it up at the Phillies game today:

The outfit and pounder scream unemployed friend who couldn’t find someone to go to the Phillies day game with energy. But the bow really completes the look.

What’s better than daysball? Day off, kids are in school, it’s the NHL offseason. What else is there to do? Scott Hartnell is living how every retired athlete who decides to plant his roots in Philly should. When it’s still too early for Sea Isle City daysball is the next best thing.

To bad the Phillies are playing shitty…I mean shinny today:

My top-5 best situations to have an unemployed friend:

1. Unemployed friend who you can go on a spontaneous trip with.
2. Unemployed friend who can get a table early at Center City SIPS.
3. Unemployed friend who can go to a day baseball game.
4. Unemployed friend who is always able to run squads on COD.
5. Unemployed friend who can babysit your kids (I don’t know much about this one, but gotta assume it comes in clutch.)


EDIT – The kids showed up. Play time over: