First series against the Marlins this weekend. They stink. They’re 10-29 this year and were swept by the Phils in the Wild Card series in 2023, which means they are now 10-31 since dum dum Jazz Chisholm Jr. said this:

“We love that nobody thinks we’re supposed to be here. That fuels us even more. If you think about how it fuels the players, you should think about how it fuels our manager and coaching staff. That fuels them to a T. I feel like it just makes us go more.. and no team likes the lights more than the Marlins, I can tell you that… Arraez loves the lights, Soler loves the lights, and you’re dang sure I love the lights. That’s what we live for and we can’t wait to get this started… no Thursday.”

What an absolute bomb of a quote. It would be one of the worst all time if people actually cared about the Marlins, who became a disaster just a few months after this. Not only did they get boned by the Phils in that series, but General manager Kim Ng took off a short time later. All Star Jorge Soler declined his player option and signed with the Giants in free agency. Arraez was traded to the Padres. And Chisholm, who went 0-8 with four strikeouts in the playoff series, is posting the lowest batting average, slugging, and OPS numbers since his rookie year.

The Fish have been annoying in recent seasons, one of those teams that the Phillies can’t seem to handle when they really should. So at the risk of jinxing it, the Phils need to go down there and drop the hammer on these dopes. No more screwing around against the Marlins. Don’t play down to their level. Let’s have a nice, professional Mother’s Day weekend and take care of business.