Pat the Bat what are you doing? Shoving starts at :55 seconds in the top right corner of the video:

Never in a million years would I think the father to an entire sophomore class at Cardinal O’Hara would want to start a fight with the Phillies. Drunk Pat Burrell never got in fights. Sober Pat Burrell is a raging lunatic. Time to get back on the sauce, Bat!

Where did that come from? Everyone was just staring at each other for 40 seconds until The Gimp had to go and try and escalate it. What could’ve possibly been said that set the Bat off? Did someone tell Pat his forearms looked skinny? Did a coach say Manayunk actually has better bars than Old City and Pat flipped? Was there a curveball joke? I know MLB has the audio somewhere. Maybe we can FOIA it. Maybe Pat is so old school he just thought if the benches are going to clear someone better at least shove someone.

Can we all agree on one thing when it comes to bench clearing brawls? From now on the bullpens don’t need to run in. Nowadays there are like a couple “fights” a season that actually have punches thrown. By the time the bullpen gets to the infield most of these are broken up and everyone’s heading back to their dugouts. You think this guy (yellow circle) wants to run all the way to scrum? Of course not! The bullpen catcher (blue circle) beat him out there with all of his gear on:

Just an unnecessary amount of exercise a guy like Jose Alvarado has to do. If I was a reliever, it’d be in my contract that I don’t have to run in during a brawl. Unlimited sunflower seeds and Red Bull?  A front row seat to some pushing and shoving and I don’t have to do any exercise? Sign me up.

I just wrote this blog so I could embed the “Burrelled My Girl” video. Hilarious that a couple of these dudes are on Netflix’s biggest TV show right now: