The Union lost their fourth home game of the season on Wednesday night, which is inconceivable for a team that only had three MLS home losses over the past four seasons.

Yes, that is a real statistic. They only lost three home games in league play in the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 regular seasons, combined. They did lose to Lionel Messi in the Leagues Cup, sure, and other competitions were played at Subaru Park, but domestically they just don’t lose at the Soob. It used to be a fortress but now it can’t even keep out a raccoon.

Here’s your man of the match:

PA announced Kevin Casey probably had the best angle:

Awesome. They put the trash panda in a garbage can and then used an Adidas advertisement to transfer a second trash can on top of the first trash can. Brilliant! It was probably the most entertaining part of the entire game. People timed this out and the thing spent 161 seconds on the field, which is more playing time than Tai Baribo gets.

Can the raccoon play forward or defend a set piece? Put it in the starting XI.