Ranger Suarez hasn’t lost a game yet this season and is the first Phillie through 10 starts to have an ERA as low as 1.36 since Grover Cleveland Alexander. GROVER FUCKING CLEVELAND ALEXANDER! The last time GCA pitched the Star Spangled Banner wasn’t the National Anthem yet. This guy is the best pitcher in baseball right now:

Some guy the Phillies signed for $25,000 in 2012 is having a better season than guys like Tyler Glasnow and Yoshi Yamamoto, who are getting paid an insane amount of money.

My favorite thing about Ranger is how nonchalant he is on the mound. He’s one of the best fielders in baseball and it looks like he couldn’t care less. He’ll throw his change up with what looks like little effort and it’ll become unhittable. You can’t shake this dude in any scenario. He’s come up clutch for us in the playoffs the last two seasons so it’s nice to see him get his due during the regular season. That NL All-Star pitching staff is going to be littered with Phillies and Suarez might be the one that starts the game. We’re talking about a legit Cy Young candidate coming out of Philly and it isn’t Zack Wheeler or Aaron Nola. That’s crazy.

He’s also got Ruben Amaro Jr. saying things like this in the booth:

He’s putting on starts like prime Cliff Lee:

And the real embracing from Philly is when a player gets their own fan group. Meet Ranger’s Rangers:

Look at this atmosphere on a Tuesday in May. This city is so bought in to this team: