The Phillies are apparently playing a Sunday game at 11:35am on June 23rd and it looks like it’s going to be on Roku:

I have a Roku TV and I can tell you I’ve never once used the Roku App. But the good news is the app is free. The bad news is you’re going to start your day with your dad yelling at you when he realizes he needs to download ANOTHER app to watch the Phils. As he’s going off it’ll conjure up the PTSD you buried deep down when he called you a pussy as a youngster for bringing him a nail instead of a screw.

There’s more details on the potential deal from Andrew Marchand at The Athletic (with ads):

Major League Baseball and Roku are in advanced talks to make the service the new home for Sunday morning baseball this season, sources briefed on the discussions confirmed to The Athletic on Thursday.

The games were previously on NBC’s subscription streaming service Peacock. Peacock has been interested in retaining the “MLB Sunday Leadoff” package of nearly 20 games. It paid $30 million per season, but was only willing to renew for about a third of that price, according to executives briefed on the discussions.

Rob Manfred would play baseball on the moon if he was able to squeeze another $30 million from NASA. That  is ashtray money in the TV deal space. Bezos just paid $100 million for one game on Black Friday. MLB is paying two veteran minimum salaries per game.

And why 11:30am? That precious exclusive window baby:

If a deal is signed, then each Sunday, just as with Peacock, the Roku games will start at 11:30 a.m. or just after noon. It allows for an exclusive window until the rest of the Sunday games have their first pitch after 1:30 p.m.

Lets put the final game of the NLCS rematch right between that sweet spot of Sunday morning cartoons and a Bar Rescue marathon. Grow that game, baby!

I’m not even going to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee and my morning dump before first pitch. And don’t you dare let the wife scold you that day for grabbing a beer before noon. Phils are on. It’s 1:05 somewhere.