This has been floating around social media, a clip teasing today’s drop of a new Shady and D Jax pod obliterating Chip Kelly:

“I never met a coach that was uncomfortable dealing with black players… do you remember he made Michael Vick cry? I remember him saying ‘bro, I cried more dealing with Chip Kelly and the Eagles than I did in prison.'” 

The full episode comes out today at 11 a.m. Here’s the link where you can find it on YouTube:

Now, for an honest question –

Is this something you care about in 2024? I think we’ve already established that Chip was terrible with these guys, the total antithesis of a player’s coach. He was canned at the end of that season, Jeffrey Lurie removed Howie Roseman from the broom closet, and the rest is history. Super Bowl champions two years later. But it sounds like Shady and D Jax are gonna go a lot deeper than anyone has gone before, and it’s probably worth a listen to hear what they have to say. A good offseason dive as we approach Memorial Day.