If you don’t know what the Kensington Derby is it’s a food and drink festival in Olde Kensington (not that Kensington) where people get together and design homemade human-powered sculptures to drive down a hill into a mud pit where screaming lunatics cheer for your doom. Human powered sculptures you say? Bikes. A lot of different bikes. The Dollar Dawgs decided to grab some hot dog costumes and some Craigslist bikes and fight for the people’s right to some cheap meat:


365 days until next years Kensington Derby @Matt Peoples. Gotta toughen up. #kensingtonderby #philly #fyp #podcast #menatwork #kensington

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We also recorded a new Men At Work podcast (subscribe, like, share) in the middle of the derby:

If you’re unfamiliar with my new pod, Men At Work, here’s the layman terms. We set up a table somewhere with mics and get random people to join and tell us what they do for a living. Then the conversation just goes from there. My co-host Matt Peoples and I thought this was a good idea for a podcast because we identify so much with our job is or what we want it to be. I’ve also found that there are a lot of interesting people in the Philly area with interesting jobs and interesting stories. In this episode we met  a data analyst from the Department of Health, a financial salesman and corporate insurance event planner couple, a one-day-a-year gardener, an aspiring model, visual artist, some guy who was recently fired from his tech wellness job, and a mover. It’s all over the board. The Blue collar babies, the middle class Mami’s, and the white collar criminals all gathered around to have a conversation.  What other podcast is going to show you that many walks of life in a little over an hour? Check it out!