The Giants will be on Hard Knocks… Offseason, via Jordan Raanan at ESPN:

“Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants” will premiere July 2 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO, the network announced Wednesday. The five-part series, which comes as the Giants prepare for their 100th season, will be available to stream on Max.

This will now be the third iteration of Hard Knocks and I’ll say it – how much football content is too much football content? It will be interesting to see how HBO can make this.. interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the behind the scenes of GMs wheeling and dealing at the draft. More access into how these deals get done and the hoops they jump through will be entertaining. But how much will the Giants allow? The Jets didn’t even let HBO show them cutting players last year. That’s the best drama. Also, John Mara said he’d be dead before HBO’s cameras were allowed in the building. I guess money talks.

I’ll continue beating the drum on this. The NFL is getting too fat. Everything is starting to feel oversaturated and they’re starting to annoy me with everything they do. The constant one-off exclusive streaming deals, the offseason, training camp, and in-season Hard Knocks, playing all over the globe at different times and days, Wednesday on Christmas. The short-term growth is good, but long-term the league is going to lose viewers if this keeps up. It’s the only league in the country whose popularity is increasing as the product decreases. It’s like Roger Goodell knows Congress is going to ban football in America so he’s trying to squeeze every dollar he can out of TV partners. I know I’m in the minority thinking this, but I’m exhausted by the amount of content the league gives us. It’s impossible to consume everything. I’d rather just watch Eagles content on YouTube than listen to Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll discuss a 5th round sleeper at linebacker or watch Brian Burns’ press conference.