A story in three parts #LOLMets:

First off, before we get into Jorge Lopez’s comments, I just want to know what pitcher gets tossed by a third base umpire. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. That’s something only a dumpster fire organization like the Mets could pull off. Secondly, the fact that the glove ended up in the hands of two Yankees fans and a Dodgers fan adds some more humor to the situation. The Mets players can’t even give away souvenirs properly. They’re at home and there are not enough fans in the building for one of them to leave with some free game-worn memorabilia.

Now, after the game, a lot of people think Lopez said “worst fucking teammate” instead of “worst fucking team.” I originally leaned teammate over team because of his use of “looking” in the quote, but there’s been a couple of confirmations from Mets beat writers that he meant a combination of both:

Reporter: “Hey Jorge are the Mets the worst fucking team in the MLB or are you the the worst fucking teammate in the MLB?”

Jorge Lopez:

Who knows what he actually meant and if he even cares? I guess the moral of the story is use an interpreter if English isn’t your first language. Then again, Lopez talked to Carlos Mendoza and President of Baseball Ops David Stearns after being ejected, so maybe he knew he’d be DFA’d and went scorched Earth because he thought he had nothing to lose.

Anthony DiComo at MLB.com:

For the Mets, words begot actions. Wednesday’s loss was punctuated by reliever Jorge López who, after being ejected by third-base umpire Ramon De Jesus, threw his glove high in the air and into the stands. Manager Carlos Mendoza called the action “unacceptable” and, along with president of baseball operations David Stearns, spoke to López about it after the game. A source with knowledge of that meeting said López was untruthful in his subsequent comment that he never spoke to Mendoza.

The same source added that team officials decided Wednesday night to designate López for assignment.

Am I crazy for thinking the Mets actually might benefit from this? Jorge Lopez is the story now. No one is talking about the 40 minute players-only meeting they had postgame that delayed media availability. If you’re the Mets you kind of have to be happy the story is about the shitty relief pitcher who they would’ve DFA’d at some point anyway and not the fact that they’re having closed-door meetings before June because this season is an absolute trainwreck. When you’re 11 games under .500 you have to take a win wherever you can find it. Probably the first thing that has gone the Mets way this season.

Also Jorge Lopez:

The Mets are calling team meetings before June, they’ve lost 15 of 19, Francisco Lindor is batting .211, and Pete Alonso might be headed to the IL. MEET THE METS! MEET THE METS! STEP RIGHT UP AND GREET THE METS!