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Love the Korkmaz jersey on the wall. You’ve probably heard about the Philly restaurant in London called Passyunk Avenue, but if you haven’t, we’re doing a segment on Crossing Broadcast this week. There are other Philly bars throughout the States, and one in Tokyo that’s been profiled, but Istanbul seems a little more random. Huge city, 15 million people, yeah, but not the first place I’d expect a Philly bar to appear. What’s next? Baghdad Steaks? Hanoi Hoagies? Pyongyang’s Best Roast Pork?

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Looks good. Definitely swing by next time you’re in Turkey. We’ll have to get Pagan out there, like one of those influencer junkets. What a total crock of shit those are. You find someone to pay you a ton of money to say something nice about their product or their country. “Greatest restaurant ever!” “Best food I’ve ever had!” 

The influencer stuff does get out of hand, doesn’t it? I saw one on Instagram the other day with an American guy telling everyone why they should visit Syria. SYRIA! Put it on your bucket list! Pay no mind to the civil war, the oppressive dictator, and the remnant ISIS militants.

Coming soon to Crossing Broad, it’s Man on the Street: Aleppo.